Garden Module Lerkeveld

1st and 2nd semester - lerkeveld

Especially for Lerkies with green fingers.
You will garden in a greenhouse which is provided at the back of the garden of Lerkeveld. It’s up to you what to do with the vegetables that are harvested. They can then be sold for a good cause, incorporated into the sauce of the spaghetti evening for LG Charity or donated to the Fathers of the community.
In this way, we kill at least four birds with one stone: environment, because it is locally grown; health, because it is vegetables from our own garden; social>, because it is all for a good cause; spiritual>: stirring your hands in the black earth, it can bring you complete peace.
You will work in consultation with Dirk van Tricht, director of Lerkeveld.

The module starts with a minimum of two registrations.