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1st semester – Campus of Social Sciences (Parkstraat 51, Leuven), Auditorium Jean Monnet

These four meetings with eminent and excellent speakers will give you an insight into Belgian culture, politics and history.

Jovanka Steele (Hollywood (°United States) is an American female comedienne and actress. She lives in Oudenaarde (East Flanders). She began performing as a stand-up comedian in the United States and has since performed in Belgium, England, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Scotland and Wales. She is a regular guest in TV-programs in Belgium and the Netherlands.
Start 20:30

Tim Pauwels brings a lecture on “Belgian politics: a brief history and the current state of affairs”. Pauwels (1971) is a Flemish political journalist. He has worked at the Flemish radio and television organisation (VRT) since 1997. He is a KU Leuven alumnus: he graduated from the Faculty of Arts as a Master of Linguistics and Literature and took a degree in International Relations.
Start 20:00

Roel Vande Winkel, who worked at the Belgian Royal Film Archive before pursuing an academic career, is Associate Professor of Film & TV Studies at the KU Leuven. In this introduction to Belgian Cinema, he will provide some insight in historical and recent developments. The lecture will be illustrated with movie clips (subtitled in English).
Start 20:30

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